Orchard Barn

Dr Sally Moorcroft has spent the past 15 years developing the Orchard Barn Approach which provides a completely holistic approach to healthcare, using conventional diagnosis and medical knowledge, functional medicine and lab testing; lifestyle, emotional health and diet assessment; and the wisdom from traditional healing traditions such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Orchard Barn Approach underpins all our services.

How we feel in our bodies and in our emotions, how we think, what we believe, our relationships and our external circumstances are all connected, and can all affect our physical health.  We are hard-wired to heal and repair our bodies and minds are always naturally working towards wholeness and health. Everything we offer aims to support this process and build resilience in every area of your life.  Our approach enables us to find the root cause of your ill health and fully support you on your journey back to vitality and your full potential.

Alongside our General Health, Women’s Health and Cancer Support clinic we also have an Acupuncture clinic, Bowen Therapy and Myofascial release, an onsite Nutritional Lifestyle service, Colonic Hydrotherapy (Colonic Irrigation).   We offer a range of holistic healing and relaxing therapies including a full range of massages: Aromatherapy, Lava Shell, Hot Stone and Thai Compress,  Holistic Skin Care consultations,  Skin Concern Clinic, Dr. Hauschka treatments, Healing Treatments Reiki, Reflexology, Shamanic Healing as well as a full range of beauty treatments.   All treatments are performed by our highly trained and experienced therapists, using certified natural and organic products.

We have a yoga and pilates studio  and our classes include Pregnancy Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Viniyoga and Pilates. The shop has a wide range of gorgeous products the perfect place to get gifts, high quality supplements,  natural cosmetics and toiletries and first aid and Orchard Barn own products.

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Dr Hauschka Treatments

Dr. Hauschka Facial and Body Treatments are holistic in the truest sense of the word. The quality of touch plays a central role in all Dr. Hauschka treatments and makes an essential contribution to the depth and effectiveness of these gentle treatments. You will feel refreshed, renewed and wholesomely pampered with an enduring sense of wellbeing.


Wide range of massage from Lava shell to Pregnancy massage. We use a range of oils specially formulated by Dr. Sally.

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Pilates & Yoga Studio

Well planned classes allow a break from the hectic fast pace of life, you can take a step back and take some time out for self care, an important factor in our wellbeing and longterm health. Our teachers are all highly qualified in their chosen disciplines, they will guide you through all the principles of practice and support your learning.

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Little Seeds at Orchard Barn

Little Seeds has been set up as a Community Interest Company by the partners of Orchard Barn to provide a community space for children in school holidays.

The aim is to engage children with the food we eat to learn about where it comes from and start to understand the nutritional value of foods and of eating a healthy balanced diet.

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