My two favourite sayings are 1) “Life has a funny way of leading you in certain directions” and 2) “Be thankful for the mundane!” Because you really miss boring when life throws you turmoil.


SO life led me to Orchard Barn and Orchard Barn led me to being sat on a train in June,heading towards the beautiful city of Oxford to train to be a Dr.Hauschka Esthetician.


Now! I am not very good at being taken out of my comfort zone in fact I am the cowardly lion,What am I doing? Will I be good enough? What if I fail? How on earth will my brain retain any new information? It can’t remember what someone said an hour ago, its all foggy up there!


Well, Oxford is a beautiful city, and my hotel equally so, (thank you Helen) and the Bach flower rescue remedy is in full flow,the first day of training arrives.


Dr.Hauschka”s head office is a beautiful cream brick three storey town house in the city centre,and sat round a large board room table I met two lovely ladies, Claire and Elaine my fellow trainees, and Tara O’Rouke the extremely knowledgeable head trainer for England and Ireland. Immersed in Dr.Hauschka world for 4 days, it was like being in a bubble,but I LOVED IT! I adore this company. At last a company that finally makes sense to me, no more false promises, but a lot to learn, 6 weeks to study and 10 case studies to complete. I’m back on the train heading home. Thank goodness.


SO there I am again heading back to Oxford 6 weeks later,but this time not only to be examined by Tara,but the head trainer for Dr.Hauschka world wide!(no pressure)what a bag of nerves I was!


Since then I have been asked to do a webinar for Orchard Barn and present a workshop with my fellow therapist Sophia during one of our wonderful Retreat Days, and of course qualified as a Dr.Hauschka Esthetician (PHEW). I have grown in confidence and realised just how experienced I really am, I also discovered how much I know and found something to believe in. A place I feel I belong.


I LOVE being in my comfort zone, but i haven’t found myself in it much this year! in fact I miss it, but stepping out of it has been amazing. Thank you ORCHARD BARN.


 P.S I still love the mundane.


I would like to leave this blog with a poem by Rudolf Steiner the founder of Anthroposophical medicine, that I chose to read out after my training:

“Look back at what time covers up behind you with strength of mind.

Await what lies ahead of you in the future with equanimity.” – Rudolf Steiner