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Nourishing Winter Retreat Day

Our final retreat day of the year covered a whole host of topics from winter remedies, to making nutritional suppers with seasonal food and included recipe cards to take away.  We even covered winter skincare.  There was a chance to relax with mindful meditation and Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra....

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Out Of My Comfort Zone By Sally (Dr.Hauschka Esthetician)

  My two favourite sayings are 1) “Life has a funny way of leading you in certain directions” and 2) “Be thankful for the mundane!” Because you really miss boring when life throws you turmoil.   SO life led me to Orchard Barn and Orchard Barn led me to being sat...

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Dr.Sally's Top 5 Supplements For Stress

How Stress Affects Us: Our body goes into fight or flight mode. Stress hormones are released -cortisol and adrenaline and then blood sugar 9glucose0 is released by the liver to cope with the stressful situation. Stress has a range of adverse effects on our immune and inflammatory pathways. Therefore reducing...

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The Best Green Juice

Just about as energising as a cup of coffee but with none of the letdown, green juice is an incredibly healthy, invigorating way to start your day. As well as being delicious and super easy when you need a little pick-me-up. The Best Green Juice- Key ingredients and their benefits...

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Emma's Post on Gratitude

    Emma's Post on Gratitude: A few years ago I decided rather than just reading my daughter a story at bedtime I would have a conversation with her about gratitude, she was four at the time.   I ask her “what are you grateful for today Willow” I started by...

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Nourishing Pumpkin and Fennel Salad

This Nourishing Pumpkin and Fennel Salad includes many superfood ingredients to keep you healthy during the colder autumn season. key ingredients and their benefits for a healthy diet: Pumpkin - Tastes amazing when roasted and also is a fantastic vegetable full of vitamin A, as vitamin A is crucial for...

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