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Catering for the retreat is provided by Becky Grimmick, who has exclusively provided catering for Orchard Barn since opening.  The quality and  standard of food is outstanding and she has a wonderful knowledge and passion for creating delicious meals to suit all dietary requirements.

Dr Sally will work hand-in-hand with Becky and Nutritional Advisor, Alison Leighton, to create a series of tailored menus designed to address individual dietary needs and challenges which our guests may be facing. In advance of the retreat, Dr Sally reviews each of our guest questionnaires and food diaries, using these to formulate a nutritional programme and menu for each guest.

The menu will be based on your nutritional needs, dietary preferences, health conditions or symptoms; and also combines the influence of Traditional Chinese and Ayruvedic medicine models of assessing constitution which can be used to individualise an eating plan to suit your body type and digestion. This important part of the retreat is designed to give you new ideas and recipes for tasty and delicious meals; allowing you to reconnect with food in a joyful way whatever your dietary needs or restrictions may be. Providing a plan you can use when you leave, we aim to inspire and give practical tips to enable you to be enthusiastic and capable of eating in a way that suits your body when you go home.

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