About the Brand: 

Orla Kiely is an Irish fashion designer who created the clastic stem print which can be easily recognised by its bold retro flower designs. The classic stem design itself was originally inspired by a Rowan tree stem and leaves which Kiely first designed in 2000. Since then she has created many more unique patterns with bold 70s inspired coloured schemes and has expanded her range to Gifts, Garden and Home ware. 

You can shop Orla Kielys range through our online shop Here, or in store.

“I am constantly inspired by nature; flowers, leaves and animals simplified into stylised motifs that can be put into print repeats is a great joy for me! Colour is very important and I often find myself drawn to the greens, greys and browns of the Irish landscape set against bursts of vibrant orange and yellows.”  – Orla Kiely