Pilates & Yoga Studio

Welcome to our Pilates & Yoga Studio page we have a programme of exciting workshops, classes, and events.

We run 8 week terms for classes, please see our terms and conditions for full details.

1-1 Yoga Therapy and Pilates lessons are available.

Our classes take place on the first floor so if you have accessibility requirements or would like to book a 1-1 please contact us.

Our Class Calendar

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  9.30am Pilates & Movement Becky Cartledge 9.30am Hatha Yoga with Bev Wilson   9.30am Pilates & Movement Becky Cartledge
5pm Hatha Yoga Carmen Bratton 2pm  Viniyoga Rebecca Somerscales 11am Baby Massage & Baby Yoga Julie Redding   1-1 Pilates & Exercise Consultation

Sessions Available

6.30pm Hatha Yoga Carmen Bratton 6pm Pilates & Movement Becky Cartledge 5.30pm Pregnancy Yoga Helen Jacques 6pm Hatha Yoga Kathy Holmes  

Please read our Terms & Conditions

Movement & Pilates

Becky is currently training with Burrell Education, a revolutionary women’s wellness, fitness and therapy education. Becky is now teaching movement rooted in body awareness and positivity. Her class incorporates pelvic floor and core work, Pilates, stretch and relaxation encouraging awareness and connection with your body.

Hatha Yoga

With Carmen: Carmen’s classes have a very therapeutic approach and are suitable for most people at any level or even if you have never tried Yoga before. One to One or small group Yoga Therapy sessions are also available by appointment.

With Kathy: Kathy’s classes will focus on building strength in different areas of the body, with each week looking at a different area with a strong focus on the breath.


Rebecca includes postures, breath awareness, sound/mantra, relaxation and meditation in her classes.

Whilst strength, flexibility, improved posture and breathing all result from yoga practice there is also a deeper sense of well-being that yoga brings. Rebecca’s many years of study, personal practice and therapeutic approach help guide students in a friendly and accessible way. She is skilled at adapting postures to the students’ needs and working with people with illness or pain. Rebecca is currently training in Yoga therapy and then going on to train in Ayurvedic Yoga.

Baby Massage & Baby Yoga

Over the years Julie has developed the perfect classes to help your baby with problems such as colic and constipation, and has found the successful and fun formula for just the right amount of physical and developmental stimulation in class, which in turn helps your baby to relax and settle, once the fun is done. Baby massage & yoga has been found to encourage happier and calmer baby resulting in relaxed more sleeping patterns.

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga is linked to positive outcomes in pregnancy and can benefit both mind and body as women adapt to pregnancy changes. It can benefit all pregnant woman and we are able to accept woman on the class from 15 weeks. As well as teaching pregnancy yoga Helen is also a community midwife.

If you have any questions about the classes please contact us on 01472 884834.