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Crystal and stone Nugget Necklace

Dec 4 2017




Crystal and stone Nugget Necklace

Natural citrine (top)

  • Symbol of imagination and personal will
  • Used to help enhance physical stamina and energy
  • Associated with the sola plexus chakra
  • Said to encourage fresh beginnings and new pursuits
  • An energising stone


Rose quartz (middle)

  • Symbol of love and harmony
  • Is said to heal the heart and sooths the mind, releases tension and stress
  • Associated with the heart chakra
  • Believed to dissolve sorrow and fears
  • A gentle stone promoting calm and comfort.



Prehnite (bottom)

  • Symbol of inner knowledge
  • Said to strengthen intuition, recognise truth and connect with your heart.
  • Associated with the heart and third eye chakra
  • Used for meditation and spiritual growth
  • A stone of unconditional love

Additional information

Crystal Type

Gold & Citrine, Gold & Rose Quartz, Silver & Prehnite

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