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Nelsons belladonna 30c

Aug 3 2016


Nelson’s Homeopathic Medicines Clikpak tablets Belladonna 30c 84 pack
Nelson’s belladonna is a homeopathic medicine available in 30c potency. It is used to treat brightly flushed face, swollen joints, vertigo, facial neuralgia including right sided pain, twitching muscles, flushed hot face, severe throbbing headache, dry hacking cough and acne.
Portable, convenient and easy to use homeopathic medicines should be taken regularly to be most effective. Homeopathy works by treating the whole person rather than the symptoms of the illness, so it fits in well with today’s ‘healthy’ lifestyles. Therefore the new clikpak is much better suited for a busy lifestyle.
These medicines come in pillule format. The pillules are smaller and easier to take than tablets. They can even be dissolved in warm water if preferred. Their sucrose coating and small lactose core means they taste better.

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