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Colonic Hydrotherapy

We are pleased to offer a professional Colonic Hydrotherapy service in the Grimsby area.  Alison our Colonic Hydrotherapist has attained the highest possible qualifications.

Our clinic is ARCH (Association for Registered Colonic Hydrotherapist) registered and our meets all their requirements.  Alison has qualified to perform Colonic Hydrotherapy with both RICTAC and ARCH.  In addition to Colonic Hydrotherapy Alison is also a Nutritional Advisor she will talk you through the process and advise which colonic treatment is most suitable for your condition.

The room is beautifully decorated and comfortable to put you at your ease.

Add on option: a Nutritional, Diet and Lifestyle consultation to your treatment, this will only add an additional 30 minutes to your consultation for an additional £18.

Classic Colonic

Using only warm filtered water and special massage techniques, this colonic gently removes waste helps to re-tone and detox your bowels.

Herbal Implant Colonic

This colonic includes a herbal implant tailored to your specific bowel problem. Allow 90 mins for your treatment.

  • Anti-Spasmodic Tonic – for IBS, and spasm.
  • Bowel Tonic – for sluggish and constipated bowels.
  • D-Flastus – for flatulence (gas) and bloating we add Liver and Gallbladder Tonic.  It will aid liver and gall bladder function and is ideal for a weight loss or detox programme.

Platinum Colonic

This high grade colonic treatment will involve a herbal implant designed to help your specific bowel condition; and a high strength (75 billion) probiotic implant.

Male patients will need to bring a female chaperone.

Price List

  • Classic Colonic
  • £58
  • Herbal Implant Colonic
  • £65
  • Platinum Colonic
  • £75
  • Buy 3 Classic Colonics (Save £24)
  • £150
  • Buy 3 Herbal Colonics (Save £35)
  • £160
  • Buy 3 Platinum Colonics (Save £25)
  • £200