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Homeopathy/ Herbal Medicine clinic

Homeopathy/ Herbal Medicine clinic – for all general medical conditions , including pregnancy related problems . This includes a full medical consultation, diet and lifestyle review and individualised treatment plan. Functional medicine testing can be included if needed.

Dr Sally uses a combination of therapeutic tools in her clinic, combining orthodox diagnosis, western and chinese herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrition and dietary supplements, functional medicine testing and stress management techniques. Her approach is very much tailored to the individual patients concerns and main symptoms and any herbal or homeopathic prescriptions can be made up in our on site dispensary.  She may also advise or refer on for other therapies such as acupuncture, Bowen technique or counselling. 

Herbal medicine and homeopathy provide a gentle and very effective approach which can be used successfully in many chronic and acute conditions, they are suitable for all ages.

Common conditions seen in the clinic are anxiety, depression, fatigue, recurrent infections, cystitis, arthritis, allergies, PMT, menopause related problems, endometriosis, PCOS, IBS, IBD, eczema, psoriasis, heavy and painful periods, hay fever, sinusitis, GORD, pregnancy related conditions,  stress related symptoms, and acute problems such as coughs, flu and sore throats / tonsillitis.  

Price List

  • Initial Herbal Medicine & Homeopathy Consultation (90 mins)
  • £110
  • Follow up appointment (60 mins)
  • £40
  • Follow up appointment (if under 30 mins)
  • £30