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Nutritional Consultation

Nutrition Consultations at Orchard Barn
I treat all my nutritional clients as individuals and treat the body as a whole. Treatments are tailored to my client’s health needs and goals.
Before the consultation, you will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire as well as a three-day food diary. This will give me comprehensive picture of your eating habits, medical history, lifestyle and any concerns that you are struggling with and allows me to build a picture of how I can help support your goals.
Nutrition consultations last an hour. In the consultation we will discuss your goals, any health concerns you have, and agree a personalised programme that suits you, your lifestyle and dietary needs by making simple, practical changes to your life.
Your consultation will include
– An explanation on how eating habits and lifestyle could contribute to your symptoms
– Which foods can be used to support your symptoms and which aren’t so beneficial
– A personalised nutrition programme
– Handouts of your health issue, recipes and some menu plans

Price List

  • Initial Consultation
  • £50
  • Follow up appointment (up 30 mins)
  • £25