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Skin Clinic

With Dr Sally Moorcroft. A tailored clinic for all skin disorders. Stool tests to assess digestive function and leaky gut can be included. We also offer expert on site advice for our range of natural and organic skin products and treatments and facial acupuncture. The appointment includes a full medical consultation, diet and lifestyle review and individualized treatment plan and prescriptions.

The skin is a reflection of our general health, so in order to really treat skin problems we need to look within. There may be underlying gut problems, poor detoxification, chronic inflammation, hormonal imbalance or nutritional deficiencies. In order to gain glowing youthful skin we must address all of these, plus our diet and lifestyle choices.

Common conditions seen in this clinic are eczema, acne vulgarise, acne rosacea, psoriasis and allergic skin rashes.

A detailed diet plan and prescription will be made, and any herbal or homeopathic prescriptions can be made up in our on site dispensary. A referral to our nutritionist may also be recommended. Dr Sally may also refer to Sally Marshall our Dr Hauskcha aesthetician for combined treatment , in particular for acne rosacea.

For anti-aging treatments we offer BHRT and facial acupuncture, alongside high performance serums and products as a natural and safer alternative to botox and dermal fillers.

A deposit of £50 is required when booking.

Price List

  • Initial Consultation (90 mins)
  • £110
  • Follow up appointment (60 mins)
  • £40
  • Follow up appointment (for under 30 mins)
  • £30