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Erin’s Journey

Read Erin’s story on her journey to health from suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome

Erin came to consult with Dr Sally Moorcroft having struggled with her condition of chronic dizziness, chronic fatigue syndrome and endometriosis for a long time. Erin had tried conventional medication and although it had some benefit with some of her conditions and improved them somewhat, it failed to address the root of the problem or provide enough relief for me to live a ‘normal’ life.

Erin explains “I had severe and chronic dizziness that left me wheelchair-bound, along with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which caused significant sleep problems and extreme fatigue, as well as pain from diagnosed endometriosis that would not go away.

I had been suffering with my illnesses for several years. I had been forced to put my education on hold due to the severity of my illness, many of my hobbies had been physical activities (such as dance, horse riding, and martial arts) which I could no longer do due to being wheelchair-bound.

I developed depression due to my restricted movement and the life events I had been forced to miss out on, and my overall life was incredibly restricted and confined to limited activity and social interaction.

Following on from my treatment with Dr. Sally Moorcroft I felt an immense relief, as I was able to gradually return to a lifestyle that I had thought I’d never see again. Not only that, but I felt stronger and much more confident in regards to looking after my own health, and feeling more in control about my circumstances, which I hadn’t felt in a long time.”

Erin started noticing the benefits within the first few appointments, and the effects only continued to grow the longer she continued treatment. Erin has now started to work significantly on her exercise regiment and going to the gym often, as well as putting more effort into starting up her physical hobbies again. She is putting more effort into her diet, ensuring she focuses on a balanced diet and paying attention to how she nourishes her body. She has also been taking more time in enjoying life outside of those aspects, making sure she enjoys her hobbies like theatre and music, alongside making sure she has the healthiest lifestyle she can.

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