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Lara Edward’s Health Journey

Read how we helped alleviate her aching pain.

Lara Edward’s Health Journey

International Dressage Rider Lara Edwards found that riding 6 – 8 horses a day had caused her elbow and shoulder pain. The pain was so bad it was waking her in the night and having a real impact on her quality of life.

Tension in the neck and shoulders is becoming a more commonly seen complaint in clinic, due to lifestyle factors, stress and tension.

We are able to offer a number of options in order to treat these pains including Acupuncture and Bowen Therapy. Often painkillers which if they do work, which for Lara was not the case, may only mask the pain and not get to the problem itself.

Lara’s Health Journey

I have a very physically demanding career as an International Dressage Rider, competing at home and abroad as well as being a mother to two young children. I ride between 6 – 8 horses a day and had found that my right shoulder and elbow were agony, often the pain woke me in the night and the tension in my shoulder caused headaches. Over the counter pain relief did not touch the pain and the doctor advised me to have a steroid injection. Before I went down this route I wanted to see if there was an alternative way of treating this pain.

I knew Melanie at Orchard Barn offered Acupuncture treatment and decided to try this option first. After my first treatment, the headaches went immediately and my shoulder felt free, my elbows improved after a few more sessions and I was aching free after a month. I know I have to maintenance treatment every 6 to 8 weeks to ensure that I remain pain-free.

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