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Sally-Ann’s Health Journey

Read how we helped alleviate bloating.

Sally- Ann’s Health Journey

On a recent Instagram poll we asked how many people suffered from bloating and 80% of you answered yes, it affects so many people in the UK and for many different reasons. It can have a real impact on your day to day life.

Many people feel they have tried everything, and are at a loss to know what they should try next.

For all those people we wanted to share Sally-Ann’s story and how this common symptom affected her everyday life, and her continuing journey to relief from this uncomfortable condition.

For as long as I can remember I have suffered from bloating, the daily discomfort really affected my everyday life from work to socialising I felt constantly uncomfortable, I had tried various things to relieve the discomfort some were effective but it never completely went away.

I discovered Orchard Barn’s and booked in with Alison who is a Nutritionist and Colonic Hydrotherapist. Alison supported me on my health journey. She initially gave me a colonic and I (close gap) felt instant relief from the bloating and felt great, although the bloating would come back when after eating.

After further investigations I did find that I do have certain food allergies and followed an elimination diet, I had further tests and was able to introduce some of the foods back in to my diet. Alison also advised that a reduction in sugar would also help relieve the bloating.

Although I am not at the end of my health journey with the help and support from Alison along with regular colonic hydrotherapy I can now see light at the end of the tunnel and that I am on the right path to a life without bloating.

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